Sunday, August 10, 2008


(Picture left, from Hawaiian State archives shows two boys with leprosy in the year 1900. Picutre right, shows 24 yr. old man with leprosy)

New York Times: Published November 2nd. 1900

Precaution in Hawaii to guard against the Disease
Washington Nov. 1st: Marine Hospital Surgeon Carmichael at honolulu, Hawaii, in a report to Surgeon General Wyman, on the disinfection of mails from the leper settlement on the Island of Molokai, says a reasonably safe plan has been adopted to avoid the delay incident to sending the mail to the quarantine station. All mail from the leper settlement will be disinfected with sulphur dioxide at the settlement and then transferred directly to the steamer and received on board in clean and disinfected sacks furnished by the Post Office authorities.


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