Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Island of Molokai

Mokokai is one of the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific. Collectively the islands constitute one of the States of the United States. The capitol is Honolulu, located on the big island of Hawaii. As you can see from the map on the left, Molokai is slightly to the left of center of the islands. The map on the right is of Molokai itself. You can see the little finger sticking out from the center of the map on the Northern shoreline. This little strip of land, part of the Kalaupapa National Park, is separated from the main island by a sheer cliff which brings you up to the main island. The picture at the top, taken from the main part of the island above, shows this small strip of land. The leper colony in which Damien served his beloved lepers was confined to this little finger of land. The lepers were prohibited from going up the sheer cliff and lived out their lives in this very confined space. In this way, the authorities guaranteed that the leprosy sufferers were completely segregated from the rest of the inhabitants of the island. (See Utube video below - the Mule ride video gives you an idea of the vast cliff on Molokai)

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