Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Molokai Collaborator of Damien

Brother Joseph Dutton
Zenit: July 26th. 2008: - Catholicism on the Hawaiian island of Molokai owes much to the pioneering efforts of Blessed Damien de Veuster and Mother Marianne Cope. Soon their names will be listed among the saints.

But there is another collaborator of theirs who also deserves mention for the increase of the faith. His name is Joseph Dutton (1843-1931), a Vermont-born convert who labored first with Father Damien and then with Mother Marianne and her successors for 44 years.

His own dedication to God was marked by the fact that he gave himself completely in service of those with Hansen's Disease, only leaving their side to enter St. Francis Hospital, Honolulu, where he died while recovering from surgery at age 87.

Perhaps one day this great layman will join his colleagues on the rolls of the saints.

Patrick Hayes, Ph.D.

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