Monday, April 12, 2010

New Damien Documentary

Hawaii: April 2nd. - The Honolulu Film Festival will screen a new California-produced documentary about St. Damien at 1:15 p.m., April 25, in the Coral Ballroom Theater of the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Tickets are $7.

The film, “Damien making a Difference, God making a Saint,” is directed and written by Jennifer Hoge. It was produced by her San Dimas, Calif., company, Premier Image Productions. The executive producer is the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts, USA West, Secular Branch.

The film tells the story of St. Damien through his own words recorded in letters and journals, and through narration and commentary. Members of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts, of which Damien was a member, provide reflections on Father Damien’s life.

St. Damien’s words were taken from the book, “Damien of Molokai: Through His Letters,” by Osvaldo Aparicio. Sacred Hearts Congregation archives in Hawaii, California, Belgium and Rome provided images for the film.

The Secular Branch of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts USA West gave the funds to produce this film. The voice of Father Damien is provided by Tom Wilson, an actor and standup comedian who has appeared in about 25 films. Mike Laponis, a voice actor and video producer, is the narrator. Commentary is provided by Sacred Hearts Fathers Michael Barry and Martin O’Loghlen of their congregation’s west coast province. Shane Rodrigues, who was born and raised on Maui, was the director of photography. The film was made at the request of Father Barry and completed in six weeks before Father Damien’s canonization in October 2009. It is the winner of an Accolade Film Award of Merit.

Trailers of the film may be viewed at which also has a link to the Honolulu Film Festival, that lists the schedule of films and how to buy tickets.

To buy a copy of the documentary, send a suggested donation of $30 to: SSCC USA West, Provincial Office, PO BOX 668, San Dimas, CA 91773, (909) 593-5441, Proceeds go to the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary USA West Secular Branch.
By Patrick Downes |Hawaii Catholic Herald

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