Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hawaiian Missionaries book release October 2011

Hawaiian Missionaries is a new narrative non-fiction book. The book contains amazing stories of the opportunities and obstacles the American Missionaries faced. Kassel discovered that the American Missionaries created their own Post Office and linked it with the United States when Hawaii was still a Kingdom. The book ISBN 1461157560 is available on and directly from the publisher at

Anthony R. Kassel announces his new book Hawaiian Missionaries and an associated website The book deals with a controversial subject and will find a host of readers with diverse backgrounds. The actions of the adult children of the Protestant missionaries prompted an attitude in the islands that still lingers today. It is said that the missionaries came to do good and they did very well. The conflict between the Catholics and the Protestant sects continued in Hawaii until it was solved via French Gunboat Diplomacy. The Catholic Priest now known as Saint Damian of Molokai would not have been able to ease the suffering of the Lepers on Molokai if it had not been for the action of the French navy.
Kassel says his new book is the result of five years of research. The project started when Kassel read an intriguing story of the Grinnell Hawaiian Missionary postage stamps. Those stamps were seized by the US Secret Service when they became the subject of a Superior Court case. Kassel discovered new information that indicates that those stamps are in fact a genuine first printing. In the book Kassel investigates a story that has been circulating for years in philatelic journals. As the story goes a wealthy stamp collector was murdered in Paris. The motive of the murderer was a desire to possess a two cent Hawaiian Missionary postage stamp.
Kassel says, "Hawaiian Missionaries contains amazing stories that are the Gems of Hawaiian History." Kassel found a common denominator in these stories in the Emerson mission family; the book is dedicated to them in appreciation of the selfless acts they performed to better the lives of the Hawaiian people. More information on this fascinating book can be found at

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