Thursday, May 17, 2012

Film making competition for schools in the Diocese of Westminster

Fr Richard Nesbitt and the DVD Production Team
There is still a chance for schools in the Diocese of Westminster to enter the Micah Film Challenge. Based on these words from the prophet Micah: “This is what God asks of you; only this, to act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with your God.” (Micah: 6: 8) the Micah Film Challenge asks primary and secondary schools to produce a short film illustrating these words in action in their school community. Entries could be simple videos of children talking about how they act justly in their community or walk humbly with God or be a record of an activity, liturgical celebration or involvement in the local community. Or schools may want to work with film makers, as St Vincent’s Primary school in Acton did in producing The Story of Father Damien. The film can be seen below and tells the story of a Belgian Catholic priest, who worked to combat leprosy in the 19th Century and who was canonised in 2009.

Primary and secondary schools in the Diocese of Westminster can enter films in two categories: Short Films of up to 5 minutes and Longer Films of up to 20 minutes. Winning entries will receive £500 and a free film-making workshop from a professional filmmaker which will take place in each of the winning schools. The closing date for entries is 1 June 2012 and winners will be announced at the end of June 2012. To enter just download and fill out the form - good luck!

Fr Richard Nesbitt, Vocations Director for the Diocese of Westminster, said: “The selection panel will be looking for talent and originality in the production of the films and how well they bring to life the themes of ‘The Micah Film Challenge’.” “There are no strict rules about the content or style of the films, but here are some ideas.” “To act justly – a film about a justice and peace project in your school, a local campaign you have been involved in, or a justice issue which you have been studying in one of your classes.” “To love tenderly– a short drama about what it means to love as God loves in our everyday lives, a project you have been involved in to love and care for the environment which is God’s creation, or a music video to bring a song about loving as God loves to life.” “To walk humbly with your God – a film about how pupils express some aspect of the faith in your school life, a biography of a saint (perhaps your school’s patron), a film of a school trip/pilgrimage which helped you to deepen your faith”     Fr Richard Nesbitt
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