Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saint Icon - Damien of Molokai

So being raised Catholic, I have an appreciation for the saints. I really like the tradition, ceremony and formality that surrounds the saints. I want to do a series of saint icons for saints that are important to people I know.  I started this project a while ago but finally put the finishing touches on this one.  And its a great on to begin with.

Damien of Molokai is important to many people in Hawaii. He is the name sake of one of my uncle's Alma Mater. He is one of 15 American Saints and most notably he did most of his missionary work in Hawaii.

I started with an red oxide ink wash. I then did the drawing in red ink then in black ink. I am pretty happy with the effect. The hand pose is nod to El Greco who really liked that hand layout.

I like the alcove in the background though I am unsure if the drawing is really complete yet.   

I have a whole bunch of pages prepped lets see how many of these I can do  
by Richard Barlett  
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