Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Inside the world's 1st leper colony where the patients do not want to leave

 'We were stranded, but I loved it': Inside the world's first leper colony where the patients don't want to leave.
  • Kalaupapa, Hawaii, has treated 8,000 sufferers since it opened in 1866
  • Sufferers were banished there after Hawaiian king brought in quarantine law
  • The 17 current leprosy patients are keen to stay at the place they call home
By Daily Mail Reporter

Positioned on the clifftops of Hawaii with stunning views and the calming sounds of the crashing waves, Kalaupapa would be the perfect location for any spa retreat.
But for the last 146 years, the small village has been used as a colony for leprosy patients, many of whom were torn from their families and banished to the idyllic peninsula for quarantine.
Kalaupapa, the world's first leper colony, had a population of 1,200 patients at its height and has treated more than 8,000 sufferers since it opened in 1866.

See full article, photos and video on Daily Mail website at   www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2214602/Inside-worlds-leper-colony-patients-dont-want-leave.html

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